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Media Fusion Sermons on your Website

Today we’re announcing a partnership with UpperRoom Technologies. This San Antonio based company has been developing some amazing products for ministry and we’re excited to bring them to you as one of our partners!

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VolunteerSpot and IconCMO for Volunteer Management

Icon Systems has partnered with VolunteerSpot to provide churches a total solution for volunteer coordination and church management. VolunteerSpot saves time and makes it easy to schedule, sign up and remind volunteers. VolunteerSpot can be used by ANYONE, church leaders and congregation volunteers, to organize signups for activities ranging from hospitality committee to parking attendants, liturgy to ushers, VBS to Christmas productions, ministry meals to Sunday school snacks, festival fundraisers to community service projects.

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Marketing to your Church Visitors and Members more Effectively

Partnership between Icon Systems and Constant Contact!

Icon Systems has released software integration with Constant Contact for advanced e-mailing capabilities. IconCMO can now export e-mail addresses from the groups and talents modules to Constant Contact, eliminating duplicate entry between the church software and e-mail program. A challenge for churches in the past was how to leverage the data in their traditional church software to communicate effectively and easily using a sophisticated e-mailing program.

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Community Auction melds with IconCMO – Help your Fundraising!

Community Auction Software

Icon Systems has announced a software integration with Community Auction Software that is developed by Community Auctions Services LLC.  The software will import the membership from IconCMO into the auction software. This eliminates duplicate data entry for organizations that have to input this each time into their auction software from their church database. By using EasyAuction the church can easily accept new people before the event, import existing church members, accept donated items, print bid receipts and much more. It makes all the auction headaches go away on the night of the auction. Visit Community Auction Website

Bill Gifford
Icon Systems, Inc.

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API’s are here for IconCMO – Innovation Changes the ChMS Game

Icon Systems announces API for IconCMO

Icon Systems has released APIs (Application Programmer’s Interface) for IconCMO. Churches, developers, and strategic partners can interact with the data on the IconCMO main database. Some applicable solutions would be website integration for online calendars, online directories, e-mail integration, event registration, custom reports, mobile integration, etc.

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Parishioner Module is Now Full Read Write.

Stop Sending Statements … Let Your Church Members Print Them.

Icon Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of the full blown Parishioner’s Module for IconCMO – Church Management Online. Parishioner’s Module now enables church members to log into a secure website to verify and update their personal information, view their giving patterns and print their own contribution statements. Continue reading

Icon Systems has been BUSY

Well folks as you can tell the blog was not updated for awhile. It is because Icon Systems decided to dedicate 2010 to development of the IconCMO product. We released a lot of great features like APIs, mass emailing integration, video emailing, volunteer management integration, updates on payroll, changes to the contribution statements, upgraded the servers on site, Podcast integration, sermon videos online, auctioning software, and the list goes on and on. So now it is time to tell you about these enhancements in the next few weeks.

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