API’s are here for IconCMO – Innovation Changes the ChMS Game

Icon Systems announces API for IconCMO

Icon Systems has released APIs (Application Programmer’s Interface) for IconCMO. Churches, developers, and strategic partners can interact with the data on the IconCMO main database. Some applicable solutions would be website integration for online calendars, online directories, e-mail integration, event registration, custom reports, mobile integration, etc.

An API runs silently in the background. They are completely invisible to software users. Their primary role is to provide a channel for applications to work with each other to make sure the user gets the required functionality and information.

For the Church – you can now integrate a church directory or calendar of events directly into your website from information stored in IconCMO, using one of our pre-created web services demos. You can also ask developers and other companies to use web services to integrate with IconCMO.

Bill Gifford
Icon Systems, Inc.

For the Developer – you can now create custom functionality from information stored in IconCMO. Please see the new Web Services-> Setup-> Developer Center menu item for all the information you will need to develop software solutions around IconCMO’s web services.

To find out more please visit Icon Systems. Visit Icon Systems.

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