Community Auction melds with IconCMO – Help your Fundraising!

Community Auction Software

Icon Systems has announced a software integration with Community Auction Software that is developed by Community Auctions Services LLC.  The software will import the membership from IconCMO into the auction software. This eliminates duplicate data entry for organizations that have to input this each time into their auction software from their church database. By using EasyAuction the church can easily accept new people before the event, import existing church members, accept donated items, print bid receipts and much more. It makes all the auction headaches go away on the night of the auction. Visit Community Auction Website

Bill Gifford
Icon Systems, Inc.

About Community Auction Software:


Sara Mellen has over 25 years working with computer systems, for both large companies and with her own consulting firm, Mellen Computer Services. In 1999 she became involved with her church’s auction, where she developed an auction data system using Microsoft Access. Since that time, she has helped a number of nonprofits run a more effective and efficient auction using her know how and data system. Her web-based system, EasyAuction, is the end result of her 12 years of experience running auctions for churches, schools and other nonprofits.

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