VolunteerSpot and IconCMO for Volunteer Management

Icon Systems has partnered with VolunteerSpot to provide churches a total solution for volunteer coordination and church management. VolunteerSpot saves time and makes it easy to schedule, sign up and remind volunteers. VolunteerSpot can be used by ANYONE, church leaders and congregation volunteers, to organize signups for activities ranging from hospitality committee to parking attendants, liturgy to ushers, VBS to Christmas productions, ministry meals to Sunday school snacks, festival fundraisers to community service projects.

In making it easier to ask for help, VolunteerSpot cuts leader planning time by 85% and boosts volunteer turnout by 20% or more! Any leader can quickly create a schedule of needs using an online planning wizard and invite volunteers to sign up with an email invitation or a button on the church website or blog. Volunteers then sign up with a few clicks on an online calendar sign up sheet – 24/7 – and automated confirmation and reminder emails help everyone keep their commitments. Leaders are alerted of last-minute changes and volunteers without email addresses requiring phone call reminders. Advanced (premium) features include hours tracking reports and extra registration fields for large events.

Say goodbye to clipboard sign up sheets, reply-all email, phone tag and spreadsheet juggling and give VolunteerSpot a try! Please take a live demonstration or video tour Today!

Bill Gifford
Icon Systems, Inc.

About VolunteerSpot Software:


VolunteerSpot launched in Spring, 2009 with the mission of enabling anyone to quickly mobilize and coordinate volunteers in their community, congregation and social network. It’s quickly grown group-to-group and mom-to-mom to more than 400,000 volunteers nationally. VolunteerSpot’s simple sign up application makes it easy for community members to participate and say “YES!” to volunteering. No waiting for approvals and passwords, no software to install, just easy, free scheduling and sign up tools for everyday heroes making a difference. Visit VolunteerSpot.

About Icon Systems Software:


For more than 18 years, Icon Systems has been developing high-quality software for non-profit organizations. The company was founded in 1992 by Robert Gifford (President), who previously headed research and development for Great Plains Software and helped create Great Plains Accounting and Dynamics, two highly popular accounting software systems. Icon Systems’ software is currently used by thousands of non-profits nationwide. Since its founding, Icon Systems has become legendary for its commitment to high-quality products as well as outstanding service and support. To find out more please visit Icon Systems. Visit Icon Systems.

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