Media Fusion Sermons on your Website

Today we’re announcing a partnership with UpperRoom Technologies. This San Antonio based company has been developing some amazing products for ministry and we’re excited to bring them to you as one of our partners!

The first product we are introducing from this partner is Media Fusion. This online console allows you to easily create a sermon series and add lessons with video, audio, and downloadable documents like sermon notes or study guide questions.

Media Fusion already has a crowd of raving fans. There have been a lot of recent articles including a few by and Christian Video Magazine. Churches all over the world are using Media Fusion including pastor and author Max Lucado Oak Hills Church, Bible Study Fellowship and many more ministries and churches.

Why do we like this product?

First, it’s the most inexpensive player on the planet at just $10 per month. Most podcasting services cost $20 per month alone. The player also embeds into your existing website without forcing your visitors to jump to another webpage. It also works with services where you might already have your videos like Vimeo or YouTube. Finally, it’s the easiest media player to use.

If you’re already posting your sermons online check it out. You can save money or take advantage of Media Fusion’s features. If you’re not placing your sermons online, Media Fusion is a great place to start!

See how a church put this technology to good use on their own website: Oak Hills Church

Take a video tour at the following link: Tour

Bill Gifford
Icon Systems, Inc.

How to get Media Fusion?

1. Create an account at the following website: Create Account
2. Next log into ICON and click “setup & information” for Media Fusion under “Web Services” ->”Market”-> “Apps” menu.
3. Enter your credentials and click save.

Support or Questions:

You can contact the UpperRoom team at 877.878.4007 or e-mail them -> Contact UpperRoom Team
You can contact the Icon Systems team at 800.596.4266 or e-mail them -> Contact Icon Systems Team

About UpperRoom Technologies:


In three short years, UpperRoom Technologies has become a premier provider of technology to ministry. From its roots as a group of volunteer programmers helping a small groups program, UpperRoom has grown to a full-service technology solution company that serves faith-based communities all over the world. Building key alliances with partners such as Bible Study Fellowship (BSF), Max Lucado’s Organization, Christian Book Distributors and Christian Computing magazine, URT powers the technology needs of over 200,000 people on a daily basis. Visit UpperRoom Technologies.

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