Donation Comments added to the Standard & Simple Statements.

Contribution statements done through IconCMO can include comments for the individual entries. The comments are entered in during the processing of contributions each week. These comments can be put in so the church has more details about certain transactions.

For example, money that is collected for a memorial for John Smith could have a comment like “In Memory of John Smith”. When entering the contributions the system can also remember the same comment if you have several transactions with the same comment in one batch.

The standard & simple statements can print these comments out for the donors if the church wishes to include them. In addition, the comments can be included in the emailing of the statements to your donors.  By including this information the church can keep their donors better informed for money that is donated and for what causes.

Additionally, with this change we included user preferences for the batch entry and the statement screens. This function helps the end user on these screens to save their personal settings. Each time the user enters the screen it will default the values on the screen to what they used previously.  This removes the need to remember what settings they had when they ran statements a year ago or what settings they used for batch entry last time.

We hope our clients enjoy these new features!

Thank you,

Your Development team at Icon Systems!

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