You asked, we listened!

We made a couple of changes to the contribution entry window:

Speed Contributions Entry:

The contribution entry screen has been slightly rearranged and modified to allow for fast keyboard access. The “currency type” option was moved up, and you can now use the “Enter” key to move between fields on the entry screen.

Allow EFT and Non-Cash Gifts in Contributions:

To enable churches to more accurately record contributions, we’ve added the ability to choose “EFT” and “Non-Cash” as currency types on the contributions entry screen. Posting journals and other contribution reports were modified accordingly. Non-Cash allows you to record gifts in kind with a zero amount as per IRS guidelines. Additional reports were added to give the church a record of all non-cash donations by date range.

Also in response to the many requests we received:

Icon Systems is happy to present the 2011 Year End Processing Tutorial Video. We are planning to create more tutorial videos down the road, so any comments or suggestions you have are most welcome! As always, the Year End Processing Guide is also available under your Getting Started menu in IconCMO or you can click here for a copy.


2 responses to “You asked, we listened!

  • Brenda Nevrkla

    I really like this idea, please continue with the videos.
    We at St Stephen’s Episcopal Church do not write checks on the Icon system, however, do I still need to post the checks into the system ?
    Thank you for your help.
    Brenda Nevrkla

    • iconcmo

      Thank you for the feedback, Brenda! We do plan on creating more tutorial videos in the near future.
      If you are using the accounting side of IconCMO you will need to post checks written to the system so your bank account balance is accurate. Otherwise, if you are just using the system for Membership and Contributions it isn’t necessary.

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