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Website Event Calendar

For churches interested in linking the church’s website calendar to IconCMO church software so your members have an event calendar to view. It now has 15 minute increments instead of 30 minutes. We made this adjustment to better serve churches and the various different ministries that start at the quarter hours. This change will also reflect in the API’s (Application Programmer’s Interface) that is used to update church’s website. If your website is already linked to the IconCMO then there is nothing else the user needs to do. If the church is not using the API’s to link the IconCMO church software to the website please visit our developer’s center webpage and learn more about this functionality. The tab called “Sample Code” would have the code to put on your website. It also has an example of what the default calendar looks like. As always we are here to help. If you need help setting this up please give us a call.

The Development Team!

API’s are here for IconCMO – Innovation Changes the ChMS Game

Icon Systems announces API for IconCMO

Icon Systems has released APIs (Application Programmer’s Interface) for IconCMO. Churches, developers, and strategic partners can interact with the data on the IconCMO main database. Some applicable solutions would be website integration for online calendars, online directories, e-mail integration, event registration, custom reports, mobile integration, etc.

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