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Why the Church’s Financials should be Auditable?

Many churches try their best to do everything right and succeed every day in their mission(s). There is one area in the church that can be detrimental even if the best intentions were meant – the church’s books. Once a church loses the trust in the congregation and/or community their reputation as being a trustworthy organization is tarnished for a very long time. This is why using the proper accounting software, techniques, and having the right people are essential to ensure the church’s overall mission is not tarnished in anyway. Continue reading

Email Marketing & the Importance of Testing

An excellent blog post about email marketing and the importance of testing. Using a simple example  they show you what should be thought about so your user/readers will enjoy getting emails from you and will act on them.

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Bar coding for bulk mailing – does it really save a lot of money for non profits?

Many non profits are lead to believe that barcoding gives huge discounts when they bulk mail. What many organization do not realize is they must be CASS/PAVE certified. This certification is an expensive endeavor for smaller organizations.  Because of the expense for these certification the organization will actually lose money unless they are mailing out thousands of “mail pieces” at a time. Here is an example of the cost of non bar coded and bar coded for “mail pieces” for the not-profit industry.

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IconCMO Reviewed by CPA firm

Icon Systems Inc felt it was important to have their software reviewed by an outside CPA firm to ensure we were delivering the most comprehensive software that is available today for churches. While there are many companies out there that tout their products are far more superior, few have actually been reviewed by 3rd party companies to see just how their software adheres to FASB regulations like the 95 and 117.

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