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iPad Church Software Released for IconCMO!

Icon Systems is pleased to announce the full IconCMO web application for the iPad. A full version of the IconCMO church software can be used on the iPad and the staff aren’t tied to a desktop or laptop computer. The users can take the iPad into meetings and answer those tough financial questions on the spot. The small group leaders for Religious Education, Sunday or VBS, and other ministries can take attendance before class starts and all the data is in real time for the staff to create reports on the spot. Allow the church leaders to know who is absent before the class is over. Adding in households and members when they visit the visitor center immediately and remove the need for visitor cards. Send an email to the new visitor as soon as they are added into the system.

These are just some of the advantages to using the iPad within the church. Having all this data available at your fingertips where ever you are gives IconCMO the edge over any other package that is available. Below are just some ways the church can use the new iPad interface to accomplish their everyday task more easily.

Church Membership Made Easy (on iPad)!

Adding in household/members is simple with an iPad interface.

Church membership on the iPad

Adding in a Household and its Members

Email history for the household.

Church membership follow up

Review the history of the email communication to a household

Set a reminder to follow up with a new visitor.

Set a quick reminder to follow up with new visitors

Visitation Reminder

Church Attendance taken on the go.

Church software for taking attendance

Take church attendance easily with the iPad

Church Accounting Made Easy (on iPad)!

Statement of Financial Position (Balance Sheet):

Church Accounting Balance Sheet

Balance Sheet

Change in Net Assets:

Church accounting net asset report

Net Asset Report

Statement of Activities (P/L Report):

Porfit and Loss report for church software

P/L Report

Reclassify an expense account when needed by the church council.

Reclassify expense accounts

Reclassification of expense accounts


The Development Team!

Church Software Goes Mobile with IconCMO Lite!

Icon Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce IconCMO Lite, a native iOS (iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch) app from Italic Software, Inc. IconCMO Lite provides pastors, staff, and even church members with the ability to view IconCMO’s demographic data on the go. Having this data available at a touch will help you with a variety of tasks like maintaining contact with members, looking up contact information for others, driving directions to member’s houses, text messaging members, etc. Calling the office for member information will be a thing of the past when you are on the road with the new native app for IconCMO!

Do any of these concerns come up in the everyday church hustle?

  • Are you on the road and need a map to their address?
  • Do you want to have the ability to send contact information to your personal contact list?
  • You need to call or email them and don’t know their phone number or email address?
  • You want to know what their family background is (i.e. married, single, children)?
  • Are you a pastor that is meeting someone new but don’t know what they look like?
  • Would you like to know what special interest, small, community or core groups they are in before chatting with them?

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Excel meets IconCMO church software

An update for IconCMO and its Reports!

The largest report related release to date for the IconCMO church software solution. The developers have given churches the ability to download reports in an Excel format from the IconCMO church management software (ChMS) solution. The enhancement greatly increases the flexibility of the IconCMO church software. Users can modify the standard reports and add various headings, data, etc. to the downloaded excel file to create their own customized reports. The majority of the reports in IconCMO were modified to offer this feature to our clients.  Additionally, we also changed the screens for reporting. The developers are laying the groundwork for future reporting styles to be added to our flagship church software product.

In addition to this great enhancement we have also included the normal export screens to go directly into Excel.  Now the system will directly send the data into Excel for the user – saving time in retrieving data for the end user!

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