Icon Systems, Inc. (http://www.iconcmo.com) has been a leader in the church management system industry for nearly 20 years, developing high-quality software exclusively for religious organizations from church plants to denominational offices. The company continues to enhance its cloud-based church management software with new features to meet the ongoing administrative and communication needs of the churches it serves. Icon Systems has three prominent offerings: 1) IconCMO – a web-based church management solution that meets the needs of individual churches, 2) IconCMO+ – a web-based multisite church management solution for multisite churches and churches with denominational offices on the local, national, and international level, and 3) Revelations – a single user or network-based church management software package. Icon Systems has a deep software engineering heritage that has enabled its products to achieve unprecedented performance, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

Icon Systems Inc. creates software for churches to manage their membership, contributions, accounting, and payroll.   Icon Systems has been developing high-quality software exclusively for religious organizations.   The company was founded in 1992 by Robert Gifford, who previously headed research and development for Great Plains Software and helped create Great Plains Accounting and Dynamics, two highly popular accounting software systems.   Icon Systems’ software is currently used by thousands of churches nationwide.   Since its founding, Icon Systems has become legendary for its commitment to high-quality products as well as outstanding service and support.

We also partnered with several organizations to provide features beyond the typical church software. You can add on advanced email marketing from Constant Contact or Bombbomb, Volunteer Coordination from VoluneteerSpot, Media Organization for your website from Media Fusion, or Online Donations from Vanco. These services add value to your organization by making things simple, increasing donations, following up with your members, and coordinating your entire congregation.

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