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Email Marketing & the Importance of Testing

An excellent blog post about email marketing and the importance of testing. Using a simple example  they show you what should be thought about so your user/readers will enjoy getting emails from you and will act on them.

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Email History for Households Added to IconCMO!

It has been an exciting time at Icon Systems for the Development team.  Today Icon Systems uploaded all new code for the entire IconCMO system to work faster on the Internet and eliminate cache issues in browsers.

Included in this upload was additional enhancements like email history. This function is found in two areas of the system:

  • Household Menu (Hse-List)
  • System Menu (Email History)

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Marketing to your Church Visitors and Members more Effectively

Partnership between Icon Systems and Constant Contact!

Icon Systems has released software integration with Constant Contact for advanced e-mailing capabilities. IconCMO can now export e-mail addresses from the groups and talents modules to Constant Contact, eliminating duplicate entry between the church software and e-mail program. A challenge for churches in the past was how to leverage the data in their traditional church software to communicate effectively and easily using a sophisticated e-mailing program.

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