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Donation Comments added to the Standard & Simple Statements.

Contribution statements done through IconCMO can include comments for the individual entries. The comments are entered in during the processing of contributions each week. These comments can be put in so the church has more details about certain transactions.

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Email History for Households Added to IconCMO!

It has been an exciting time at Icon Systems for the Development team.  Today Icon Systems uploaded all new code for the entire IconCMO system to work faster on the Internet and eliminate cache issues in browsers.

Included in this upload was additional enhancements like email history. This function is found in two areas of the system:

  • Household Menu (Hse-List)
  • System Menu (Email History)

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Small Groups, Cell Groups, Core Groups, Bible Studies – All have the same function

What do all these names have in common?

They serve the same function, in that they are to bring the community together on a more personal level and increase our spiritual growth within the church.  They are also to help bring new people into the church and get them involved in the church’s mission. Imagine if the church could mobilize their entire congregation to donate at least one hour a week towards a group function. How many things could get done in that time to help the church fulfill its mission? Groups  are especially important in the larger churches where on any given Sunday you may not know the person’s name next to you.

Every church has a different name for these groups such as bible study group, men’s or women’s bible studies, youth groups, core groups, reach groups, home groups, connection groups, and the list goes on and on…

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Return on Investment (ROI) – How Does your Church Software Compare?

Ever wonder if the church’s software gives a good return on investment? Has the church ever reviewed the numbers to see if the church is saving money using the software? Does it save labor, resources, money, time, increase donations and attendance, etc.? Some of these are very concrete numbers and others are abstract and at times can not be easily calculated. However all of them are important and should be used to calculate the ROI equation. Using this equation the church ensures that the software is giving the biggest bang for the dollar.

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